Law Enforcement Chaplaincy for South Carolina

Welcome to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy for South Carolina

The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy for South Carolina (LECSC) is a 501c3 organization governed by a board of twelve volunteers, and exists solely for the support of the law enforcement community and crime victims in South Carolina

The LECSC provides financial support for worthy programs which assist law enforcement officers, staff, and families such as:

  • Private scholarship aid for marriage and family counseling
  • Private scholarship aid for general or trauma related counseling
  • Funding for the annual Post Critical Incident Seminar (PCIS)
  • Food, lodging, and travel expenses for volunteers assisting with critical incident support services
  • Training for volunteers and staff

One of the special services funded by LECSC is the Post Critical Incident Seminar ( PCIS) which is offered two or three times a year as a three-day seminar for 30 South Carolina officers who have experienced highly traumatic events in the line of duty. Patterned after a model used by the FBI, the PCIS allows officers to "tell their story" in the presence of law enforecement peers, receive peer support and traumatic stress training, and access one-on-one therapy uniquely suited to law enforcement trauma. Read more about PCIS.

LECSC supports the South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program (SCLEAP) which is a unique partnership between four state police agencies: SLED, SCDNR, SCDPPS and SCDPS. SCLEAP provides a full range of Employee Assistance Program Services as well as the coordination of a statewide cadre of volunteer chaplains. Also, SCLEAP coordinates a statewide Critical Incident Stress Management Team consisting of over 86 law enforcement officers, 14 mental health professionals, and 20 law enforcement chaplains. The staff of SCLEAP are The Rev. Dr. J. Eric Skidmore and The Rev. Ronald R. Kenyon. The LECSC, a 501c3 organization, exists solely in support of the mission and ministry of SCLEAP. A full description of SCLEAP services is available upon request.

Since our formation in 1997, LECSC has been supported by

  • Churches and houses of worship
  • Law enforcement officers and non-sworn personnel
  • Interested individuals
  • Board members of LECSC
  • Private foundations
  • Religious and church-based foundations
  • See how the gifts are used.

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